2017 VMS Rotary Prom

Are you going to the prom!?

Did you hear who is running for Prom Queen?

It’s Kate Goudschaal!

I know right, can you believe it?  I’m so excited.

I’m totally going to vote for her!

~~~~~~~~~~~            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It’s been decided!  The theme for VMS Rotary’s 50’s Adult Prom is… Rocking Around the Clock!  Come May 13th, we’ll be jiving to the sounds of Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts at Clark College’s Gaiser Hall.  PAL is honored to benefit from the proceeds of this bash, so you know you’ll see us shake, rattle, and roll our way through the evening starting at 7:00pm.

And what is Prom without a King and Queen for the court?!  We have several fab candidates running for 2017 Prom King and Queen.  Each of the candidates will be raising funds for PAL and other local youth organizations. The two candidates who raise the most support will be crowned King and Queen of the VMS Rotary Prom!

PAL is proud to support Kate Goudschaal as our choice for Prom Queen.  Not only is she the wife of one of Vancouver Police Department’s own detectives, she has also proven to be one keen kitten that has exactly what it takes to make the perfect Queen.  She’s fun, funny, and not afraid to take the leap and support what she believes in.  How could you want anything more from your Prom Queen?!  Join us in voting Kate Goudschaal for 2017 VMS Rotary Prom Queen and show your support by donating to Kate at http://vmsrotary.org/kate-goudschaal/

May 13th is just around the corner, so grab your best poodle skirt and petticoat (see Antiqued and Co. at the Vancouver Mall if you need a little inspiration) and buy your tickets to Rock Around the Clock as soon as you can!  Tickets available now at http://vmsrotary.org/2017-prom-event/

Be there or be square!