Give More 24 Today!

Today is the day! It’s Give More 24!  All day today, starting at midnight and running all 24 hours of September 21st, donating in SW Washington adds up to a lot more than just the dollar amount that any one person gives.

Here is a quick breakdown of the added benefits of giving to PAL during Give More 24:

  • The Stretch Pool– a generous group of local donors have given $56,000 to add on to total donations from the event. “These funds are allocated to each organization based on how much money it raises on September 21. For example, if your favorite organization receives 3% of the total raised on September 21, it will also receive 3% of the stretch pool. So, the more dollars your favorite organization brings in, the more stretch dollars it wins.”
  • Nonprofit Prizes – $15,000 additional dollars will be awarded throughout the day to different nonprofits as prizes, some are contests like “First Organization to Hit $500,” while others are just random “golden tickets” that are awarded through raffle. You can read all about Nonprofit Prizes here, and see how you can help win one for PAL!
  • Dunking for Dollars – With every donation, during lunch (11:00a – 1:30p) and happy hour (4:00p – 6:30p), at our giving lounge at Luxe Restaurant you get the chance to dunk a local celebrity, from PAL, VPD, Hello Vancouver, and more! Check out the schedule for the address and to see who you get the chance to sink throughout the day!

  • Something Better – The best benefit will always be the support you give to this great organization that is building positive relationships between our local cops, youth, and the community. During this time of strife in our nation between these populations, it is a wonderful thing to be a part of PAL and be an example of something better… It is better to see a police officer read a book aloud to an excited auditorium of kids, than to watch a cell phone video of a questionable take down.  Our guys are the good guys.  It’s time they got some press too.

Wherever you are today, you can give.  You’ve got 24 hours.  Any amount helps, $10 buys books, or lunches, or school supplies.  It all adds up!  You can make a donation online at or come out to our giving lounge at LUXE Restaurant.  And as always, thank you for being a part of PAL!