PAL Looks Back at 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The winter season lends itself to reflection.  Last year around this time, we posted a blog about how we wanted to be better able to look back at our year and see some of our favorite moments.  So we started our Jar of Memories and encouraged you to do the same.

Now the time arrived to open up our jars and take a look at 2017!  Here is what we collected from our adventures throughout the year:

Jan. 3rd: Came into the office after the holidays to find four unexpected checks in the mail! The year already started with a bang!

Feb. 14th: Ryan Erlandsen, our talented videographer, makes us an awesome promotional video to tell our story.

Feb. 15th: Today we found out that PAL would be a part of the State of the City Address! And… Jenny will be introducing the mayor!

Feb. 16th: Today at Lincoln Elementary for a literacy event, a student asked if they could see an officer’s badge and then drew an awesome picture of the badge!

April 18th: The PAL Board approves the hiring of a 2nd part-time PAL Program Coordinator!

May: We love our Hoopin’ with Heroes games, always the best event! Police vs. Fire, there’s never a dull moment!

July 10th: Our PAL Executive Director found a fellow Harry Potter lover today. He wore his prefect badge and everything to our Mad Science Camp!

July 19th: We had our first training with the two new PAL Program Coordinators, thank you Kaiser Permanente for the opportunity to expand!  Welcome Amy and Lydia!

August: So much this month, but our big trip, when we took two teens to a leadership summit in Washington DC, really stands out!  An amazing time!

Sept. 21st: PAL raised over $3,000 during Give More 24! The Dunk Tank never disappoints.

Oct. 20th: What an incredible event last night! We raised over $171,000 dollars for PAL at our first ever evening fundraiser, Cocktails with PAL. Thank you all so much!

Nov. 7th: Reflecting on the growth of Prospere mentoring groups, we are now in six middle schools and three high schools.  So many more students reached… we couldn’t be happier with this!

Dec. 1st: PAL is being honored as the nonprofit partner at the Chamber’s Holiday Heroes Luncheon.  It’s so wonderful to be a part of such a supportive community.

Dec. 6th: Today we hosted a special literacy event with Juvenile Probation. Teens got to pick a book for themselves and their younger siblings. We also had a plain clothes deputy take pictures so they the teens could give them to their families.  It was so great to see all the smiling faces.

Dec. 8th: We confirmed today with Sherri McMilllan of Why Racing, that PAL will be the partner of her new race, The AppleTree Marathon!

Dec. 8th : Our tournaments exploded! Our basketball tourney went from six schools and ten teams to 13 schools and 20 teams. Lookout, here we come!

It was so fun for us at PAL to look back and talk about these events and special moments.  There was so many more that this conversation brought us as well.  We were on the news, how did we not write that down?!  Jenny, our Executive Director, joined Leadership Clark County, did we forget that?  It was a wonderful time of reflection and we are so glad we kept this jar over the year.

Did you keep a Jar of Memories this year?  Start one and forget it existed?  Don’t aim for perfection, we only had one or two memories during some months, and this was still a great time to chat about our best moments of the year! Go find a jar, a bank, a big Tupperware; find a post-it, a receipt, anything. Write down one special memory from the last week or two.  And look at that, you’ve already started off on a year of making memories!  Have a wonderful rest of 2017 and make it a memorable new year!


Your friends at PAL