Powerful Beyond Measure

We love to celebrate at the end of the year!  Toast to successes and set big goals for the future.  And yesterday we had the opportunity to do just that.  On Wednesday afternoon, we had our celebration for the ladies group that we facilitate with our partners over at the Boys & Girls Clubs.  It’s just a small discussion group that the young ladies run themselves, with us, the adults, supporting them in their endeavor.

You see, these young women wanted a space where they could talk about what’s really happening in life, what’s really affecting them in the here and now.  They wanted a safe place where they could discuss things like how hard it can be to juggle a modern perspective with their culture and heritage.  A safe place where they could talk about relationships and ask questions they haven’t been able to get answers to anywhere else, or maybe didn’t have anywhere else to ask.

They also wanted a space where they would be challenged to find motivation to make changes in their lives.  A place of accountability and encouragement.  These changes could be big or small; anything from getting in enrolled in college classes, to simply buying a planner to start tracking responsibilities.  They knew they needed the support of others to take even small steps towards practicing better self-care.  They are wiser than most in this way.

The reason for our celebration? Our fall session was a huge success for this group and it was a time to share how they found that motivation and what was working well for them.  They shared that the space we created together was one where they could leave stress behind, where they could focus on their goals, and truly move forward.  They revealed that they had each learned a lot about themselves and each and every one of the participants committed to putting in the effort in to see the group continue and thrive.

So, then… we are happy to announce, that in January we will once again be walking along with these strong young women to talk and challenge and encourage them as they choose to do the same for each other.  We can’t wait to see what the next term brings!

Until then, from all of us at PAL, and BGC, and from these inspiring young ladies as well, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!