Jar of Memories Returns!

Okay, we’re bringing it back… the Memory Jar of 2018 has begun!  We are less than two weeks into the new year but we’re already celebrating a huge giveaway from NW Personal Training, having a blast with the CHILL program, and we’ve only just barely landed back from a great National PAL Grant Training Conference. Whew!  We are definitely going to need to keep track of all these amazing adventures!  I’m not sure if your year has started off so fabulously, but we hope so. In fact we want to encourage you to capture those moments.

It was one of our PAL mentors who shared the idea with our Executive Director last year to start off in January with a Memory Jar.  It’s such a simple, yet effective, tool to cheer you up all year long.  Just by writing down the good moments on a piece of paper and putting them in a jar, you get to reflect in the moment and once again at the end of the year!

We had such a fun time last month sharing our 2017 memories between all of the staff, and then again with all of you, that we are going for it again this year.  And of course, we want to invite you to join us. Grab a jar, write a highlight from the last few weeks and we’re already off to a great 2018!

Cheers to the fantastic year ahead!