Thank you to our Prospere Mentoring Sponsors

Thank you to our Prospere Mentoring Sponsors

Prospere Mentoring Sponsors

Investing and supporting the youth of Clark County benefits us all.  We here at PAL couldn’t accomplish our goals without the involvement, generosity and enthusiasm of our many partners and sponsors.  Today we would like to highlight the main sponsors of our school year mentoring program, Prospere.


Full Location Sponsors


Nautilus, Inc. supports the entire Prospere program for our Wy’East school site.


This includes all funds needed for food, supplies, and staffing.  And they are actively involved as well, as they have two volunteers that work directly with our mentoring groups on this campus!  Nautilus Cares website explains just why they support programs like Prospere:

“It is our desire to be a strong partner in the community and at Nautilus, Inc. we believe that every person should have access to a healthy lifestyle. It is in that spirit that the Nautilus Cares program is dedicated to combating the physical inactivity epidemic in America’s youth by breaking through economic barriers which prevent young people from discovering a passion for sports, active hobbies and childhood play.*

Lunch Sponsors

These sponsorships provide the food for the rest of our school sites throughout the entire school year.

Prospere groups usually meet over the students’ lunch period, so keeping these teens, volunteers, and staff fed and happy all year long is a cornerstone to making this program a success.

Thank you to all of our lunch sponsors for their generous donations!