Bullying Awareness- Frontier Middle School

Bullying Awareness- Frontier Middle School

This week we will hear from our amazing 7th graders from Frontier Middle School. They worked hard on this post as well as bullying awareness posters they put up in their school hallways! I want to thank the students, teachers and our mentors for helping support them and their message.


Hello, this is the Frontier Prospere group. We have been focusing on bullying for the past few months. We just want to inform you that it is never okay to bully someone. If you are going through a hard time, get help from a friend or counselor, or maybe a trusted adult. We always want you to know that there is always someone there for you, to help and care for you.

Abuse between teenagers can be common, and if you are struggling through a toxic relationship, just know that you are worth it and somebody in the world loves you!

If you have any close friends that you can trust, please talk to them, or somebody else. If not possible, try to escape the relationship!

If you need to cry it out, that is perfectly okay. Crying is healthy, you need to get it out of your system!

If you feel nobody loves you, realize your possible friends, a possible pet, the person who taught you how to play your favorite game, any possible family, teachers, even! Somebody loves you and cares for you. You are worth being present on this earth.

If you start to feel down and fall into a “pit”, take a bath. Do something that relaxes you. It may seem cliché, but doing things that make you happy and help you roll back your shoulders can really help.

Just remember this:






The Frontier Prospere Group