Volunteer of the Quarter: Officer Tyler Knotts

Volunteer of the Quarter: Officer Tyler Knotts

It takes a lot to volunteer.  We all know that people have jobs, and kids, and families, and friends all pulling for their time.  Yet we are able to do all of the amazing work that we do at PAL, because there are people who love to help out others, and understand that volunteering is a way to use their time that will have a lasting impact on this community.

This is one of the reasons we are so grateful for each and every one of our amazing officers, deputies, and community members, that show up and offer their time and talents to our kids and this wonderful county.  Our Volunteer of the Quarter, is an outstanding example of someone who uses his time to make a valuable impact.

Officer Tyler Knotts, of the Vancouver Police Department, works the graveyard shift.  So it can be hard to make it out to camps and groups on a regular basis when you normally go to bed around 7am!  But, this guy… Tyler is one of the mentors of our Legacy Prospere mentoring groups and consistently shows up for his group of kids at 12:30pm simply to be a positive and dependable presence in their lives.  This is what commitment looks like, people!

Tyler started out with PAL by volunteering to coach at Football camp in the summer, and was an amazing addition!  He was faithful to show up and teach his skills on the field, and we are so happy he is making that same decision to teach off the field.  Prospere mentors engage youth in activities that help them explore their identity, create goals for their future, and tackle life’s challenges along the way.  With his ease and good nature Tyler has connected well with the kids, and they really look forward to his presence and participation, even after only a few hours of sleep!

A big thank you goes out to Officer Tyler Knotts, from all of us here at PAL, for showing that how you spend your time really matters and can change the lives of others for the better.  We are proud to have Tyler as one of our own and excited to recognize him as our Volunteer of the Quarter!