Big Thanks to Our Literacy Partner

Big Thanks to Our Literacy Partner

This week we wanted to spotlight our amazingly fun and impactful Literacy Events.  If you’ve been on our social media channels recently, you’ve seen photos of some of the activities that are offered.  There are officers and deputies reading to gyms full of students, touring kids through official boats and vehicles, and even K9’s getting in on the action visiting schools to hang out and hear a good story!  And one of the best parts of these events… each student gets to take home a book of their own to keep and read over and over again!

Our volunteers are awesome!  We are so proud to have them out there in the community promoting literacy to the youth of Clark County.  It says a lot about just how much they care about this place and the people who live here.  But there is a whole other part of these events which goes a bit more under the radar… where do we get all these books from?

Believe it or not, you are quite familiar with where the place that gives PAL access to all these books!

For the second year in a row, McDonald’s is the supporting business of our literacy program with their gift of $1500.  This donation covers ALL COST of purchasing the books to give a way at our events for the entire year!  McDonald’s is a huge supporter of literacy programs.  They even have a growing program of their own that has highlighted the importance of literacy.  Check out this video if you would like to learn more about what they are doing themselves to reach out to youth to support literacy in America.


So, we just want to say a big THANK YOU to McDonalds!  All of us at PAL are excited to be continuing this partnership.  It is wonderful to be building this relationship with a company that also knows the importance of literacy and getting books into the hands of children.  Together we make a difference!