Safe Driving for All

Google maps is shouting directions, text notifications are popping up, and then a call comes through…

The traffic is terrible, it’s pouring down rain, and there is a crazy guy on the left that has switched lanes four times in three minutes…

It’s the end of a late night, the roads are mostly clear, why not speed up a bit and get home to that bed a little sooner…

These scenarios represent just a few of the situations an average driver could find themselves in.  They aren’t extreme.  They don’t involve drinking, or not wearing a seat belt.  These are just everyday scenarios.  But each of them clearly outline just how important it is to always be a diligent and safe while driving.

We’re more distracted as ever as drivers, and we are in a constant battle with the weather, other drivers, our own fatigue, and more!  Plus, being an experienced driver, might not necessarily mean being a better driver.  “There are many people who can claim to be skilled drivers, but they suffer from overconfidence, aggressive driving styles, and are actually the worse for it.”*

This is the stance of Syd Muzzy, the speaker at our upcoming Safe Driving with Syd presentations. “Experience doesn’t give you wisdom, it gives you habits,” the local motivational speaker told The Observer in an interview.  Syd also stressed that people need to do more than be taught to drive. They need to be taught to drive safely.**

This is one of the reasons we are happy to be able to invite Syd back this year to give his safe driving presentation to area high schools.  In just a few weeks, Syd will be speaking with at least three schools, including HeLa High, Legacy and The Vancouver School of Arts and Academics.  His interactive presentations never fail to leave an impact on students are they participate in activities that illustrate true reaction time, estimate feet traveled before stopping, teach how fast the brain makes decisions and more.

We are looking forward to visiting with Syd over the next few weeks, and for those of us that won’t make it to a live presentation, we’ve gathered the top tips for driving safety right here on the blog!

Look Out for Hazards

A good defensive driver is capable of looking ahead whilst driving, and anticipating any potential hazards in the road ahead of them. This includes dangerous drivers, potholes, or even children that might come into the road.

Keep Your Distance

To follow this appropriately, it is important to act sensibly when faced with hazards on the road. A huge part of defensive driving is nothing more than keeping your distance. If you see someone who is driving dangerously, the best thing to do is keep your distance to avoid a potentially dangerous accident.

Cut Out Distractions

The main causes of most serious accidents are a direct result of driving under the influence or driving distracted. A good driver does neither. Put your phone away, and make sure that you have had plenty of sleep before you take to the road.

Check Your Blind Spots

Being aware of blind spots is one of the most important responsibilities that a driver has. Checking yours before you turn is a smart idea, but often it can be dangerous, so it is up to the driver behind to keep out of that area.

Keep Calm

Aggressive drivers are dangerous drivers. When someone is driving aggressively, they do not make decisions that are safe for those around them. So if you encounter an aggressive driver on the road, be sure to keep calm and keep your distance.

Drive Passively

It kind of goes along with the phrase “defensive driving,” but driving passively is the best way to keep out of trouble. Obviously that is not to say that you put yourself in danger or make poor decisions, but it does mean that you should give way when you it is safer to do so.

Avoid Heavy Traffic

If you have a lot of trouble driving safely, avoiding heavy, rush hour traffic may be the best way to keep safe while you improve your driving skills.