National PAL News

Coming up this next week our Executive Director, Jenny Thompson, and one of our volunteer officers, Julie Ballou, are headed to Miami Beach!  (Insert excited and jealous face here).

Other than just looking to soak up some sun, they are headed to Florida to attend The 74th Annual National Training and Conference.  This event brings PAL Chapters together from across the country in order to learn from each other and hear from dynamic national presenters.

One of those presenters this year just happens to be our very own PAL Chapter’s Executive Director!  Jenny will be speaking to her fellow PAL Directors on just what it takes to grow a successful Chapter.  The presentation, given with Officer Ballou, is entitled PAL 2.0.  They will be speaking on the importance of having an active and supported set of volunteer officers as well as the backing of an involved Board of Directors, both roles Ballou has been in over the years.

Jenny will also be sharing strategies and tips on how to pin point the population of a PAL Chapter and get the word out about programming in order to maximize engagement.  And of course, as all Chapters function as nonprofit entities, she will be teaching how to do all of this on a budget with an emphasis on partnerships and local grants.  Whew!  These two are going to be busy, and that’s not all…

There is one other major event that takes place during the conference: The National PAL Awards Banquet.  This is an evening where all Chapters gather and celebrate one Officer/Deputy, one PAL youth, and one volunteer, for their impact on PAL overall.  And guess what?!  Officer Julie Ballou will be up for the 2018 National Award for the Officer/Deputy as she was the April 2018 National Volunteer of the Month!

We are so proud of the accomplishments of both of these women that we are sending to the National PAL Training and Conference.  They have had such a positive impact on this community and it is wonderful to see them both honored and heard at the national level of our organization.  Go get ‘em ladies!  We’ll be cheering you on!