2018 National PAL Youth Mentoring Summit Reflection!

2018 National PAL Youth Mentoring Summit Reflection!

We have had some exciting things happening for our teens this past week. PAL took three teens to Washington D.C. for the 2018 National PAL youth summit, thanks to the National PAL grant. During our time here we were able to visit Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. as well as other amazing sites like the Washington Monument and Folgers Shakespeare Library. For the last couple days we have been in conferences talking about self-advocacy, leadership and how to treat ourselves and others in positive ways.











Here are a few words from the three teens that came on this amazing adventure.

It was a great experience, and it was an amazing atmosphere as well as an amazing energy during the conference. We met so many great people and we learned how to be ourselves. We were able to meet people from other states, and learn what their home is like.

The tour of the Capitol was amazing and emotional. We got to learn about our country and see so many great things. We had a private tour, and we got to see the tomb where President Washington was supposed to be buried, but we learned that he was actually buried on Mt. Vernon.

It was a great experience because not a lot of kids have this opportunity to do this. To experience the capitol as a teenager is amazing. Learning about ourselves and others. Love, self-love, kindness and a connection was built while we were there.

The conference had so many great speakers and motivators. It was really inspiring and a great learning environment.

There was a quote that stuck with us “Lead one, lead many. If I can’t lead one, I can’t lead any.”

Thank you National PAL and Vancouver PAL for this opportunity!

-Marcella, Victoria and Alicia