Who Makes Heart Behind the Badge Happen?

Who Makes Heart Behind the Badge Happen?

You know what never gets old? Working with the amazing people and businesses here in Clark County!  We here at PAL are (a little crazy this week) getting ready for our annual evening event, Heart Behind the Badge, and over and over again we just keep hearing ourselves talking about our partners and sponsors.  

Conversations in the office are going like this, “ASK’s designs are always spot on!” and “I’m so glad Grixsen and Three Brothers signed on, we are so spoiled!”  We sound super cheesy, but it is just so dang exciting to get together with these people and change our community for the better. Pretty often, we are known for saying, “The only way to it is together.” and this event is no exception.  Volunteers, print sponsors, photo booth providers, banks, brewers, and donors, we just couldn’t pull this thing off without all of them.

So, not wanting to keep all the fun to ourselves, we want you to meet them!  The glorious and lovely businesses and organizations that have helped make Heart Behind the Badge possible for 2018 are:  

Chief Sponsor:

PNW Loans


Lieutenant Sponsor:

Holland Partner Group


Sergeant Sponsors:

HAPO Community Credit Union

JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance

Kaiser Permanente

McCord’s Vancouver Toyota


Brew Sponsor: Grixsen Brewing Company

Wine Sponsor: Three Brothers Vineyard & Winery

Paddle Sponsor: IQ Credit Union

Print Sponsor: Stickerize It

Photo Booth Sponsor: Waste Connections

Design Sponsor: ASK Advertising