DIY Easy Halloween Costume and Makeup

DIY Easy Halloween Costume and Makeup

Well, it’s time to panic.  Halloween is officially less than a week away!  You know what that means… if you haven’t got your costume yet, the fright of being unprepared should be hitting a high point right about now.  But fear not, friends! PAL is here to help you get all set up for a great Halloween with just a few closet staples and some truly simple makeup that makes a big impact!  

Personally, we haven’t even picked up any candy yet, so that’s what we are freaking out about, but that’s a whole ‘nother problem.  Check out our fun ideas below and if you want to see what we are dressing up as this Halloween come visit us this weekend! We will be at two different events:

  1. Orchands Elementary Trunk or Treat: Friday, October 26th, starting at 6:00pm
  2. Booville – A Halloween Spectacular: Saturday, October 27th, from 10:00am to 1:00pm


  • The Clothes: Any plaid shirt, and a pair of jeans are all you really need to pull this one off! Any shoes work, but if you’ve got boots throw those on for added effect.
  • The Makeup: Two colors is all that is needed!  Black and orange or yellow (you can buy halloween makeup sticks for about .99¢ each). Add black stitches to the side of your mouth and outline of your nose.  Draw long black eyelashes under your eyes. Add some rosy cheeks and color in your nose with the orange/yellow and you’re done!
  • The Hair: For a girl, straight up pigtails are perfect for a scarecrow hairdo. For boys, just scruff up your hair, add a bit of gel or hairspray to make the look last longer.
  • The Extras: Grab a floppy hat if you’ve got one, some straw or dried leaves work perfectly to stick out of your sleeves, you could even use yarn if you’ve got that lying around!


  • The Clothes: Black. You’ll notice a theme with this one. 😉 Literally, all you need is something black, a dress, a shirt and dark pants, you’re on the way! Find a towel, sheet, or Dollar Store black cape (they are literally everywhere).  Boom. You’re Batman.
  • The Makeup: If you thought two colors was too many, this is the costume for you!  You’ll only need one color for this one. You guessed it, black! Outline a batmask over your eyes, an easy trick to pull this off is to make dots at each of the wing points first, and then connect them with curved lines. Then just fill it in! You can add yellow or orange to make this design stand out.
  • The Hair: Anything you want, really. Natural, in a ponytail, slicked back. Do you! As Batman.
  • The Extras: Grab a flashlight, cut a bat shape out of black paper that fits in the light. Tape in your bat and when you turn on your light, instant bat signal.

Pumpkin King/Queen

  • The Clothes: This one is really a free for all. Use what you’ve got! Dress in all black, go with orange, throw a witches hat on, add a frilly skirt.  Got a dark hoodie and ripped jeans? Done. The best part about this costume is that you can make your Pumpkin King/Queen as friendly or menacing as you want.  Just a smile or a sneer.
  • The Makeup: You can use just two colors, orange and black, or you can add some highlights with yellow and white. (A pack of makeup sticks is usually less than $5, if you want to get them all). To start, make a black jagged outline over half of your face. Outline and fill a triangle around your eye and half a triangle around of your nose. Outline and fill in half of a crooked jack-o-lantern smile around your mouth.  All that’s left is to fill in your black outline with orange. If you want to add highlights, add a few patches of yellow to the orange and highlight a few spots of the black outline with white.
  • The Hair: Again, this is totally up to you.  Leave your hair long for a witchy look, spike it up to look a more intense, or just go natural.
  • The Extras: A traditional jack-o-lantern candy pail would be great with this! Really anything pumpkin related you can add here is perfect, and you can top yourself with a creepy crown if you want to emphasize the “King” or “Queen” element of this costume.

Bonus: Ghost

  • The Whole Look: Just throw a sheet over you and done!  Try not to trip all night long.