Grateful for Our Volunteers

Grateful for Our Volunteers

At any given time, to do what we do, PAL has at least 120 volunteers we rely on.  Over our breadth of programming, these volunteers are committing their time to coach, mentor, play, or teach the youth in our community in order to build positive relationship with them.  These officers, deputies, sheriffs, chiefs, and community members are leaving a lasting impact on the youth of Clark County and beyond, just by showing up with a smile and doing what they do best: serve their people.

Oh, how we wish we could list them all here with a huge thank you; then track each one of them down for a handshake or a hug from one of the many youth they have worked with.  But 120 people is a lot to track down, and just the two words “thank you” don’t convey enough of our gratitude. They do say though, that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Hmm…

Please take the time to look at the pictures below.  Know that each one of them is worth a thousand thank yous, probably even more.  You can see it on the faces of the kids, on the faces of the volunteers, in the laughter, in the teaching moment and on it goes.  

These are just a handful of the people we are grateful for, there are so so many more.  Thank you to each and everyone of our amazing volunteers!

Our Academic Volunteers

Our Athletic Volunteers

Our Summer Volunteers

Our Mentoring Volunteers