Share the Love!

We just wanted to write this week to remind all of our readers about our current campaign to spread the word about PAL on social media!  We have amazing people who are involved in the work that PAL does and it would be wonderful to see even more of our real life supporters share in the memories and thanks that go out online.

Starting now until the end of 2018, we’ve got a fun campaign going on all our social media channels.  Since we are looking to increase our “likes” or “followers,” we’re going to be giving away fun prizes all along the way! For every 100 new people who begin to follow PAL, we will be doing a drawing for a PAL t-shirt.  And when we hit our goal on each platform, we will draw for a PAL scarf! (Seen here with the lovely models Detective Jamie Haske and Brian Schaffer).


So here is the low-down on where we are on each of our channels, and the goals we are hoping to reach!!  Folks who tag 5 friends here, will be entered to win a PAL shirt or scarf.


We are currently at 1830 likes, when we hit 2500 likes, all who participated are entered to win the PAL scarf!


We are currently at 359 followers, we are looking for 800 followers, and then we’ll draw for another scarf!


We are currently at 447 followers, we are looking to get to 800 followers, and draw for the final scarf!

And don’t forget t-shirts are given out throughout the whole campaign!  So head over to any of our online spaces and share to your friends! All of our social media links are on the very bottom of this page, just click on each of the icons and you’re on your way!