A PAL Literacy Event Story

On April 16th PAL had another one of our famous Literacy events at Minnehaha Elementary school. We visited 75 amazing 2nd grade students. Our one and only Corporal Rey Reynolds came out to talk safety and read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, along with other incredible officers from the Vancouver Police Department. Including a therapy dog from Dove Lewis, thank you Kathy Loter for partnering with us and bringing out the cutest dogs!


This is Amira May from Minnehaha Elementary school; she is an awesome 2nd grader who loves to read! While PAL visited Minnehaha elementary we got to meet this amazing girl. May seemed shy and timid when we first met her, but by the end of our time together she was yelling along with the other kiddos in the cafeteria. Shouting “ALPHA”, “BRAVO” or “I do not like Green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I Am!” It was great seeing her interact with our local law enforcement and watching her come out of her comfort zone. Amira May, actually won the most spirited contest Corporal Reynolds does at our Literacy events. Her prize was the Infomnia book, full of puzzles, goofy facts, statistics and a sure laugh.


We want to thank you Minnehaha Elementary school for letting us come out and read with you!


Now take a look at the wonderfully cute letters some of the 2nd graders wrote for the police officers at the Vancouver Police Department!