A PAL Literacy Story: Part Two

On Thursday, May 19th, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office took the time to visit the second graders at Orchards Elementary School for one of our literacy events.  The days’ events started with a safety talk from Deputy McCarty, followed by tours of some of the Office’s more unique vehicles: a bearcat, a “jail van”, and even some active patrol vehicles.  Commander Sample then gave a special rendition of Green Eggs and Ham while the students listened attentively to the fun, familiar rhymes.

One of the students, Marianna made an instantaneous and very special connection with Sheriff’s Office Outreach Program Assistant, Kasey Frazier.  With big smiles, she made sure to have Kasey sign her book before anyone else and asked for a picture to be taken of the two of them together.  They just clicked!

A few weeks after the event, the PAL team received a stack of thank you letters from the students at Orchards Elementary.  One of the letter stood out; it specifically named a Sheriff’s Office representative and… no surprise it was from Marianna.  She made sure to personally thank Kasey for signing her book!

It’s situations like this that make everything we do worthwhile.  The bond made between Kasey and Marianna is one that will be remembered for years to come; a moment of connection that wouldn’t be possible in other settings where students encounter law enforcement.  It continues to amaze the PAL team how the simplest of acts, such as signing someone’s book, and sharing smiles, can make a world of difference to our youth and build positive relationship.  This is an awesome example of our mission being lived out: bringing cops, kids, and community together.