CHILL Season Comes to a Close

Even though the snow hasn’t stopped coming, our season of snowboarding with CHILL has come to its end.  And what a great season it was!

This year we had five teens commit to going up the mountain and when we say commit, we mean commit.  They had incredible attendance over the season and one of our youth Daniel, even earned this own snowboard that had been donated by a VPD officer! We had two brothers with us this season going up to the mountain, Daniel and Jacob.  They had never once been snowboarding before this and didn’t know if they would take to the sport. Both of them really ended up really enjoying their time and hope to spend more time in the snow. Daniel in particular was super proud of himself for finally getting off the chair lift cleanly on the last week. (It’s a lot harder than it looks)!  

We had four VPD Officers working with us on the CHILL program this year.  Adam Millard, Brian Viles, Danielle Wass, and Sean Suarez all took turns going up the mountain to snowboard with this dedicated group of teens.  It makes such an impact for these officers to take the time to join with local youth on something like this. By taking their time to just hang out with kids and be a positive presence in their lives, it lets our youth know that they are important and cared about by their community.  

By the end of the program, our teens had unpacked many key personal characteristics/traits through lessons and practice on the mountain including: Respect, Courage, Patience, Persistence, Responsibility, and Pride.  With CHILL staff and the volunteer officers, they learned and discussed each concept on the ride up and then were able to put the idea into action while learning how to snowboard and support each other.

Until next year, we’ll hold onto the great memories made and lessons learned this year.  Thanks CHILL for everything and to our youth and officers, way to go up there!