Giving Thanks…

Let me start by saying, Happy Thanksgiving! By now, if you have been reading our recent blog posts you’ve heard from our staff about why they are thankful this year and you’ve read some benefits regarding practicing gratitude. Today though, I’d like to share why PAL is incredibly grateful.

Our community is inspirational. It is truly heart-warming to see how we gather together, on a consistent-basis, to support and love each other. We have seen Vancouver and Clark County step up time and time again and for that PAL is grateful.

We love collaborating and partnering and dreaming with people here. They challenge us to be better and encourage us to think outside of the box; whether it is bringing together Thanksgiving food baskets to give to our elementary schools or giving time to eat lunch with a teen who needs an adult to just listen or perhaps it is merely stopping and sharing a smile. In all these ways and more PAL has been in the front seat of witnessing gratitude and appreciation and love this whole year.

Of course we would be lost without our men and women in blue who are continually giving back to our community and even today you will see them serving us. Without them PAL would not be as strong as it is today and their generosity is contagious.

So THANK YOU. Thank you to all the officers, deputies, and first responders for keeping us safe and strengthening our community with your kindness. Thank you to the businesses and corporations who give their time, energy, and resources to make our county better. Thank you to every person who have given of themselves and invested in our families knowing that even the simplest of things, like a smile, can make a difference.