McCord’s Vancouver Toyota

McCord’s Vancouver Toyota

If you’ve been following our social media channels this week, you know that we want to recognize one of the major sponsoring organizations, of not just PAL, but of many services in our community.  McCord’s Vancouver Toyota has been a partner of ours for several years, and we are always encouraged by their boundless energy and participation in helping us make Vancouver a better, safer, and more fun community.

We want to especially highlight McCord’s, as they are one of the main reasons we are able to hold PAL’s annual Hoopin’ with Heroes games.  These games provide youth skills clinics and in their headlining games, local law enforcement and fire personnel play a “friendly” game of basketball all for charity!

McCord’s Vancouver Toyota has been our sponsor every single year, for the last 5 years, and Hoopin’ with Heroes isn’t just a PAL charity game…

To get into either of our two Hoopin’ with Heroes games, there are options for you to pick as far as how to “pay” your entry fee.  You can bring 5 cans of food, or pay $5.00, or donate 1 piece of used sports equipment.  These entry fees are then divided to support PAL, SHARE, and The Good Sport Equipment Connection.  All amazing organizations that support youth and families in the Vancouver area.  And McCord’s makes this happen!  We are so thankful for their partnership over the years and can’t wait to watch and join in as they continue to help positively transform Vancouver, WA.

Want to join in on the fun and see just how Hoopin’ with Heroes makes a difference?  Check out our upcoming games using the info and links below!


5th Annual Hoopin’ with Heroes – Teachers Take On Police & Fire

May 18, 2018 – Camas High School, 269 SE 15th St. Camas, WA

Tip-Off @ 7:15pm – Youth Skills Clinic @ 5:15pm


In our Annual Hoopin’ with Heroes in Camas, WA we are switching it up come game time. Local law enforcement and fire fighters have decided to challenge the local teachers in a friendly game of basketball and we invite you to join us in this new twist for our 5th year!




Hoopin’ with Heroes – Police vs. Fire

June 1, 2018 – Fort Vancouver High, 5700 E 18th St. Vancouver WA

Tip-Off @ 7:15pm – Youth Skills Clinic @ 5:15pm


It’s time for our Annual Hoopin’ with Heroes: Police Vs. Fire PAL Charity Basketball Game, where are local law enforcement go up against our local fire fighters in a friendly game of basketball. Join us this year as celebrate 5 years of this game!


Hope to see you all out on the court!  Give a big thanks to McCord’s while you’re there, we know that we will!