New Year’s Resolutions or Something Else

New Year’s Resolutions or Something Else

So we are a little over one week into 2019… how are your resolutions holding up?  There seems to be big buzz this year over whether or not New Year’s Resolutions are positive and helpful or just another thing to make us feel bad about ourselves.  Several times over the past few weeks, we have overheard heated debates on whether they are “motivating” or “a waste of time,” “an effect goal setting tool” or “a lazy man’s wish list.”  

We are of the mindframe here at PAL to just do what works for you.  If the new year is a good time for you to sit down and plan for your future, go for it!  If you are a January-then-forgot-about-it type, the resolution may not be for you, and guess what? There are a few new ideas floating around out there if you are tired of the resolution model and are looking for something new!  Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

1. Do nothing. Don’t set any resolutions or goals

If you have to set a goal, set a goal to set no goals.  “What! But it’s New Year. A time to restart the clock, to set about achieving all that’s possible and to fulfill my potential!”

Yadda, yadda… Forget it… do this instead:

Rather than rushing forward in a panic to set resolutions or a list of goals you can start on New Year’s day, forget all that and enter the New Year in a mode of being absolutely present, and absolutely positive about how great it’s going to be.  If you do this, and endeavour to maintain this approach, you’ll end up doing everything you’re supposed to as, and when, it’s supposed to be done.

Enter the New Year with zero pressure on your back to do anything other than remain open to the possibility of your potential, receptive to change and ready to show compassion to yourself for your shortcomings.

Out of the state of being will arise all the doing, and achievements you never planned for but will be amazed to see unfold.* h

2. Only make small changes.

“Think about your life like a product for a moment. Most of the time, the product a company produces is pretty good and doesn’t need a wholesale revision. Instead, products are spruced up and companies create “new and improved” versions, which are fundamentally the same product with a few tweaks. Only rarely do companies really try to disrupt an industry.”** Disruptions seem better because they promise entirely new and better products, but usually too much innovation spells disaster, ie. The Segway.  Stick with what you know and make very few small changes that will have big impact.

3. Pick a Word of the Year

All the rage right now, by choosing just one word  as “Your Word of the Year,” the idea is that it will set an intention, or a theme, for how you want your year to go.  There are a tons of resources popping up everywhere to help you choose Your Word and put it into action.  One web search will bring results including entire websites like, articles from from CNN “My word of the year is freedom,” and even entire books like My One Word, which puts a religious spin on it.  Blog moms everywhere have tips and tricks, so if just having a theme for your year sounds like a better idea than a full blown resolution, then you have an endless supply of supporters!

Traditional resolution, no resolution, just one word to focus on… you do you!  No more heated debates, let’s just support each other in whatever endeavors we are aiming for and we will all have a better 2019!