PAL Squad for the Upcoming APPLETREE Marathon

PAL Squad for the Upcoming APPLETREE Marathon

Squad   /skwäd/   Noun

  1. a small group of people having a particular task.

We are the Vancouver Police Activities League after all, so you can imagine that the word squad comes up every now and then; probably a lot more often for us than in the average work place we’d guess.  It usually comes up in regards to our police and sheriff’s office friends and volunteers.  But a few months ago, it began to take on a new meaning here at PAL because we are forming our own squad!  And we are looking for dedicated people to join us!

In September of this year, WHY Racing is presenting the Inaugural APPLETREE Boston-Qualifying Marathon, Half Marathon & Sunset 5K!  And PAL has a special role to play in this brand new series of races… we are happy to announce that we have been chosen as the main beneficiary of the APPLETREE event!  We are thrilled to be a part of this new event that will take place in the heart of our community, as the route has been specifically mapped out to show off the great beauty and history of Vancouver, WA.

With all of this happening, of course, we’ve got to get in on the action!  A Boston-Qualifying Race, right in our own backyard?!  Yes, please!!  And so, we are putting together the PAL Squad as our racing team for these events.  And we still need dedicated runners to join us.

The PAL Squad members receive their marathon entry for FREE by agreeing to raise a minimum $500 for PAL.  There will also be fun incentives for the top fundraisers and of course, PAL Squad members will get a limited edition PAL Squad race day shirt.  What’s a squad without a uniform?!

All race information can be found at and you can check out specific information about PAL Squad at  Joining the PAL Squad is as easy as contacting our Executive Director, Jenny Thompson at  She has all the additional info you’ll need to participate with us in this amazing event!  We can’t wait to get PAL Squad together and running for a cause!