PAL Welcomes New Board Member

As we enter a New Year, we at PAL are excited to announce our new board officers and addition to the board as of January 1st.

First off PAL would like to welcome Bill Oman to the board! Mr. Oman is the Executive Director of Secondary Education for the Evergreen School District. He brings with him years of knowledge and expertise, as well as a passion for PAL. He has been serving on PAL’s Human Resource and Finance Committee the last year and we are excited to add him as a permanent member.

Secondly, this past December, PAL welcomed a fresh set of board members to take on some extra responsibility as officers of the board. Among those stepping up include:

  • Scott Wilcox: Mr. Wilcox will serve as PAL’s Board President. He has served on the board the last seven or so years and is looking forward to helping PAL continue to grow. In his day-to-day job he is the Vice President of Business Development at J.D. Fulwiler Insurance & Co.
  • Pat Janik: Ms. Janik will serve as PAL’s Board Vice President. She has served on the board for the past year and brings years of nonprofit expertise to our organization as she served as an Executive Director herself, most recently at the Macdonald Center. In her spare time, Ms. Janik enjoys the life of retirement.
  • Sandi Glandon: Mrs. Glandon will serve as PAL’s Board Treasurer. She has served on the board for the last couple of years and is excited to be in her position. When she is not supporting PAL with their financials, she is running her own small business accounting firm with her husband.
  • Dawn Marie Martin: Ms. Martin will serve as PAL’s Board Secretary. She has also been on the board for a couple of years and has a great passion for the mission of PAL. Beyond being committed to PAL and being a mother of five, Ms. Martin works as the Office Manager for Dignity Memorial.

PAL is excited for 2016! We hope you will all join us in our excitement and welcome our new board members and officers!