Summer Sneak Peek

Well, it’s definitely not feeling like summer outside.  It’s not even feeling like spring at this point with the snow still threating to come down!  But we are dreaming of warmer and brighter days over here at PAL, so we wanted to share with you a little sneak peak of what we have coming up in the way of camps for the Summer of 2018!  So, close your eyes, picture the sun out in a blue sky, and imagine a warm breeze blowing by… now join us in celebrating what we have on the way!

This year, we will have two main campuses for our larger camps: Soccer, Basketball, Mad Science and STEM.  We are so happy to be hosted by Fruit Valley and Orchards Elementary once again as we dive into these four camps again this year!  These sites are perfect for our activities and the support of these schools for our camps is one of our favorite partnerships.  If you’re looking to plan ahead, here are some dates for you to mark down:

Also, we are bringing back a few big hitters to our camp schedule this year: Football Camp and, our Teen Camp offering, CSI Vancouver!  Football camp is one week only hosted at Kiggins Bowl, and is for youth a bit older than our other camps, as students must be entering 4th grade to participate.  CSI Vancouver is also being offered one week only and is a highly sought after experience for teens.  Being hosted at HeLa High School, the whole week builds on itself as participants use technology, research skills, and good old fashioned intuition and bravery to follow evidence and solve a crime.

Well, that’s our sneak peek for now, welcome back to the chilly air and crisp wind.  But be sure to keep summer in mind… registration starts in May, so check out the Parks and Rec Magazine to get all the details.  Here’s to an excited summer up ahead!